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Custom-made luxury sauna, dual and infrared sauna.


Our passion is to create…

Our goal is to create products that has its own style and exclusive look also meets with the highest quality standards. The innovation is an integral part of our operation. Without exception you can control our saunas with smart phones, furthermore our sauna houses have their complete smart system. Each one of our products has their souls. All handed out saunas or wellness equipment are designed by Péter Simon, founder of our company, and produced by our excellent and qualified professionals.





Self-made, custom made and luxurious Finnish saunas, dial saunas and infrared saunas with 2+3 year guarantee! Both indoor or outdoor saunas are not a problem for us!





Garden sauna houses in classic and minimal style. Weekend houses and baths. Salt cabins, ice cabins and steam cabins. Swimming and hydromassage pools, communal baths. Massage beds, relaxation loungers and sun loungers. Fitness machines, bathtubs, wooden plunge basins, wooden jacuzzis, terrace coverings, garden furniture, terrace heaters, pergolas, interior design. Unique luxury pool covers. Free shipping throughout the country! A unique advantage is that we undertake a 2 + 3 year structural guarantee for our private indoor sauna products!





We continuously develop our products to satisfy the highest demands, we shape them according to the style of the age! We create works that stand out anywhere in the world, taking into consideration the mix of both quality and aesthetic aspects! We try to conjure a soul into all our products!



Harmony of body and soul is wellness both at home and in community institutions, forever!


 Szauna zuhanyzóval



Do you want to forget about work stress and everyday worries in your home?

Do you want us to make your dreams and ideas come true?

Do you want a really well-functioning, aesthetic luxury sauna product or infrared cabin, or maybe a wellness complex?

We will design and then prepare it for you! Ask for our opinion, entrust yourself to a real team of experts!







You have reached your goal, contact us with confidence!

Simon Wellness brings comfort to your home, helps you relax, improves your well-being, - your health, forgets crisis situations, and gives you real experiences.


Since 2003, our company has been striving to create the most perfect and precise products possible, in accordance with extremely high quality and the most modern requirements. Thanks to continuous developments and adherence to the most precise technological procedures, we undertake a guarantee of up to 5 years for the sauna products we manufacture!


Egyedi gyártású minimál finn szauna

Today, we regularly sell our products not only in Hungary, but also in the surrounding European countries. With more than 2,000 satisfied customers, our company is one of the most significant manufacturers and distributors in Hungary!




In a unique way in Hungary, you can find the full range of experience equipment with us, we offer a total of 21 types of luxury products and almost 70 different variations. Our products, be it the Finnish sauna, infrared sauna or combined sauna, salt, steam, possibly ice cabin, swimming or hydromassage counter-current pool, custom-made hydromassage thermo roof, maybe motorized pool cover or pergola, in each case according to the individual needs of our customers , we manufacture according to the available sizes. Our cabins can be made for basements, bathrooms, attics, terraces or just below the stairwell, and in the case of swimming pools, both indoors and outdoors.


Egyedi gyártású kerti szauna



The solariums, spa, sand and salt beds, anti-aging cabins we sell are all new-generation and formally perfectly designed, Italian-style experience and health-enhancing equipment are made in accordance with today's trend, which are exclusively in the distribution range of our company in Hungary.


You can cool off with our individually made of acacia wooden and in any shade of plunge tub and shower trays in our wooden bathtubs.



We also provide a solution for our dear future customers who do not have the opportunity to install our products due to lack of space in their house or apartment. We recommend the individually designed, manufactured garden sauna house or wellness house, which can accommodate all our health-enhancing, beneficial equipment, but we can also undertake the covering of terraces, garden paths and pool areas with various wood and wood-effect WPC terrace coverings, and ypur terrace can be heated with the most modern halogen technology terrace zone heating.




Of course, in case of questions, our staff is at your disposal, they are happy to visit even your home, thus guaranteeing 100% comfort, because we bring the expertise to your home!

Remember, the second most important thing for us after you is the product, we deliver to you.

We look forward to hearing from you, feel free to contact one of Hungary's leading manufacturers!

Perfect raw materials, outstanding quality, unique needs, - realization of classic and state-of-the-art ideas, private and community facilities, creativity, professional experience, precision ...


Everything in one place, Simon Wellness at your service!





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